Hialeah Real Estate Appraisal

We're a full service, Hialeah-based assessment company providing residential real estate appraisal and consulting services. We providing well researched and documented assessment reports in the Hialeah metro area for many years and have been appraising real estate.

Our clients include accountants, courts, banks, lawyers, financial advisors, and private homeowners.

We provide assessments in Hialeah for:

  • Immigration
  • Executors of an estate
  • Divorce related matters
  • Buying or selling a property
  • Refinancing
  • PMI removal
  • Tax grievance

  • Our real estate appraisers all are Certified by the State of Florida

    Our appraisers are experienced with all types of residential property including single family homes, condominiums, as well modest residential income property like 2 - 4 unit apartment buildings in and around Hialeah.

    Only some of the advantages we offer to our clients:

  • Best pricing
  • Prompt service
  • Electronic ordering and delivery

  • We Specialize in Property Appraisals for Bankruptcy Proceedings
    If you’re currently dealing with the likelihood of a looming bankruptcy and you possess ownership of a home or property, it’s critical you obtain an accurate appraisal of its truest value. A private home is most often an individual’s greatest single asset. As such, it’s value will have significant relevance in your bankruptcy claim.

    At our appraisal firm, we employ highly experienced appraisers who are well-versed in providing home valuations that are used in bankruptcy court case proceedings. If you’re truly serious about getting the best result possible for your bankruptcy, then it makes perfect sense to pay for a thorough appraisal of your number one asset. This will ensure you don’t get short-changed into having your assets appear, in the eyes of the court, less than they actually are.